The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is a modern open-source platform for enterprise content and business process management. Using Alfresco technologies, individual process and document-centric applications can be quickly and easily implemented. 

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Our Alfresco services

Support in evaluating Alfresco technology or open-source content services / process services platforms 

Support for operationally relevant issues such as scaling, reliability, backups, monitoring

Support during the implementation of Alfresco technologies, including document and data migrations

Licensing and provision of German-language enterprise subscription support

Design and development of individual extensions and solutions based on the Alfresco product range

Extended Alfresco support for individual extensions and solutions in complex application landscapes


To support the development of individual applications, the manufacturer also provides a modular system based on AngularJS and Material Design. This allows for the use of standard components in the development process, so that expenses are only incurred where individualisation is required.  

Alfresco Content Services

covers the entire document management value chain: from creation and content editing, to document management and archiving.

Alfresco Process Services

consists of a workflow engine (Activiti) as well as additional administration applications that enable the mapping and execution of business processes.

Alfresco Governance Services

enhances enterprise content management with functionality around document management and archiving in files and filing plans.

it-novum extensions and add-ons

Over the last few years we have developed several extensions and products for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. These include: 

Alfresco Geo-Caching

for the high-performance connecting of sites

Alfresco Outlook Connector

for structured and automated filing/retrieval of emails from the familiar Microsoft Outlook work environment

Alfresco Document Transformation Engine

for pixel-accurate document conversion
Alfresco Testimonial
Pieter Berendsen, RVP Europe North Alfresco

"Since 2009, it-novum has supported us in providing Alfresco content and process services to our customers. Whether it's implementing complete enterprise content management platforms, mapping out business processes or integrating third-party systems such as SAP, it-novum stands out from the rest through its high technological competence and solid knowledge of business processes – something only a very few partners can deliver."