Modernising ECM

The tired, cumbersome ECM suites of the past are increasingly giving way to more flexible content services platforms. In particular, cloud-native, highly scalable platforms with open application interfaces are increasingly in demand.

Producing flexible operational opportunities, using Content Federation Services to integrate and administer different information sources as well as the use of in-the-field development of AI-supported content management all offer completely new possibilities.

In some cases, however, manufacturers can take very different approaches. So depending on the sector and application, these approaches must be closely scrutinised and weighed up within the context of a company’s own roadmap and requirements. Our consultants have many years of technical and professional experience and can actively support you across all phases of your ECM implementation.

Open Source ECM implementation and product selection

The market for open-source based content services platforms has developed strongly over the years. Today, OSS platforms are in no way inferior to proprietary providers (e.g. Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave or IDC).

We can help you define and plan your ECM implementation and decide between the market-relevant OSS platforms for your Enterprise Content Management system. In the process, we bring the combined experience drawn from our many successful implementation and modernisation projects to the table. But we don’t just focus on the technical aspects – we’re also mindful of the licensing issues that can arise (e.g. enterprise models).

ECM migration and implementation

We implement content services platforms, develop customised solutions and help you modernise your ECM infrastructure. We’re well aware that just swapping one software solution for another and a “Big Bang” project are rarely the answer. Depending on the existing ECM solution deployed in your ecosystem, we’ll check which approaches make the most sense for your company so we an advise you on what will work best over the long term (e.g. migration, manage-in-place).

We rely on an agile approach to both modernisation and the development of customised ECM solutions.

ECM operation and further development

We can support you in the operation, maintenance and optimisation of your ECM platform. In doing so, we’ll keep a close eye on security, make sure you have good performance as your data volumes increase and ensure scalability as your systems expand.

We offer operational support to ensure reliable system usage as well as for the development of analysis options that go beyond traditional operational monitoring. This enables continuous, end-to-end system monitoring and data previews.

The advantages of modernising your ECM landscape

Getting up to speed

Modern and service-oriented architectures designed for use in cloud environments, combined with open application interfaces and ready-made application modules, form the basis for agile working and the rapid implementation of new services and products

Prepared for future requirements

Increasing amounts of documents and data as well as the increasing openness of companies and public institutions vis-à-vis customers and the general public, require new approaches. Modern ECM architectures help to make document-centric processes efficient and provide better customer service

Achieving flexibility:

The ability to map different applications on one platform using open connection standards, automatable operations and reusable components

Ensuring conformity and compliance:

Automated classifications and filing plans ensure regulatory compliance, even in the face of increasing complexity

Geschwindigkeit zurückerlangen

Moderne und service-orientierte Architekturen, die für den Einsatz in Cloud-Umgebungen entworfen wurden bilden in Verbindung mit offenen Anwendungsschnittstellen und vorgefertigten Anwendungsbausteinen die Basis für agiles Arbeiten und die schnelle Umsetzbarkeit neuer Services und Produkte

Auf zukünftige Anforderungen vorbereitet sein

Steigende Daten- und Dokumentenmengen, sowie die zunehmende Öffnung von Unternehmen und öffentlichen Einrichtungen gegenüber Kunden und Bürgern erfordern neue Ansätze. Moderne ECM-Architekturen unterstützen dabei dokumentenzentrische Prozesse effizient zu gestalten und einen besseren Kundenservice zu bieten

Flexibilität gewinnen

Auf einer Plattform unterschiedliche Anwendungsfälle durch offene Standards in der Anbindung, einen automatisierbaren Betrieb und wiederverwendbare Komponenten abbilden

Konformität und Compliance gewährleisten

Automatisierte Klassifizierungen und Aktenpläne erlauben die Sicherstellung der Regelkonformität, auch bei steigender Komplexität

It's hard work, but you're not alone. A brief extract of our services


Support for evaluating innovative content services platforms and developing an overall concept for mapping requiremen

Product- and Solution Support

Provision of German-speaking product and solution support, as well as assistance in operating, maintaining and optimising your ECM platform


Consulting for enterprise-level content management, modern OSS content services platforms and innovative approaches (e.g. Federation Services, cloud operation)

Content Migration

Support in selecting and implementing content migration and/or manage-in-place strategies

ECM application architectures

Designing of ECM application architectures and software integration development

Agile implementation

Agile implementation/application programming and highly specialised software development for the leading open-source platforms