Digitalisation and automation

Designing efficient processes is an important, central task. This is why digitalising processes helps companies transform themselves into digital, data-driven businesses. The use of modern digitalisation technologies and intelligent automation as well as artificial intelligence and cloud services simplifies and rationalises processes and procedures. 

Digitalising processes is often regarded as being on the same par as rationalisation or increasing efficiencies. But it’s only digital end-to-end processes that make it possible to develop more competitive products and implement new business models.  

Our experts can advise you on all aspects of modern automation: from the evaluation and selection of technologies to the design and programming of applications. We’ll even be there to support you with the commissioning and further development of your automation solution. 


Automation strategy and design

We’ll help you develop a bespoke automation strategy/roadmap that takes into account any existing IT infrastructures as well as any organisational and regulatory requirements.  

In the process, we’ll use a broad toolset of methods and take into account all the opportunities modern technology and operating models provide. These include Robotic Process Automation (RPA)Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM) as well as cognitive technologies and AI.  

Automation implementation

As a full-service provider, we develop customised solutions and reusable products based on your current situation and degree of automation. We can, however, also act as expert advisers in joint teams if required. 

We rely on agile software development and are experienced enough to know that even established process models such as SCRUM may have to be adapted to fit specific circumstances. 

Automation operations and optimisation

We support you in the maintenance, step-by-step optimisation and further development of your automation solution. In this way, we ensure results are achieved, help support CIP and ensure efficiency in process improvement projects. 

We focus on providing operational support so that reliable application operations can be ensured. This also extends to the development of analysis options so that continuous monitoring and evaluation can take place. 

Your advantages in digitalising and automating processes

Increased efficiency and effectiveness:

Increased process efficiency through the effective use of organisational measures and IT support, while at the same time supporting your corporate strategy and its goals 

New products and value-added services:

New opportunities to achieve differentiating features/USPs and implement end-to-end digital strategies

Greater transparency and better control:

Transparency for all tasks and activities in all areas, as well as better process tracking to identify and eliminate weaknesses 

Speed and increased customer satisfaction:

Improved customer management and shorter time to market for products and services  

Supporting compliance:

Complete traceability to ensure full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements 

It's hard work, but you're not alone. A brief extract of our services:

Consulting for modern automation opportunities in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)Business Process Management (BPM)Business Rules Management (BRM) and cognitive technologies 


Elaborating application architectures and developing software integrations as well as transferring robot routes into API-based integrations

Agile Implementation

Agile implementation/application programming of process automation using modern technologies


Support in evaluating innovative automation platforms and developing a sustainable overall concept for automating/digitalising processes and procedures


Solution support as well as support for system operation, maintenance and further development